Ms. Winchester’s creative life blossomed while studying in theprestigious theatre arts program at the University of Denver whereshe specialized in set design and stage lighting. After graduation, higher education and state government reaped the benefits of her creative skills as she developed community and education programs.

Anne’s compassionate leadership style and creativity earned her awards and kudos in the workplace. Soon Anne opened an import business where her flair for design and lighting made her products stand out above the others. Later, in her multimedia company, her “creative eye” was used to develop eye-catching marketing materials. Her graphic design training has resulted in commissions for development of organizational and company designs.

 Anne began working with gourds after attending an international gourd festival five years ago where she realized her love of design could be used to bring color and shape to life on the form of a gourd.

Her “Women of the Earth” series and her masks reflect the costumes and characters of her theatrical background. Her work has been shown in various venues and her unique series of gourd bowl nests have captured the eye of galleries and interior designers  


Anne Winchester
Darlene Atteberry
Box 343
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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About Winberry Gourd Artists


Ms. Atteberry began her professional art endeavors at Ohio State University. Upon completing her degree, she taught in public schools and universities for 16 years, specializing in the development and creation of new and innovative learning environments. Darlene has spent the last twenty-five years as a partner in a multimedia business, designing computer software, creating educational programs, designing software for museum kiosks and companies such as Cartoon Network and Pioneer Electronics-Education Division.

Several years ago, Darlene began moving back to her roots of hands-on art in lieu of computer-generated art. Gourds became her medium of choice. Her creative gourd pieces are based on her love of texture and form, while feeding her passion of recycling materials (she makes the paper for her “Paper Doll Collection” from gourd pulp and recycled printer paper, decorates pieces with recycled garage sale jewelry and constructs display stands from discarded golf club shafts.) One of her main artistic attributes is her ability to try new and interesting techniques. Darlene is a sensitive and passionate artist who often blends a touch of humor in her works.

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